HCSEC Summit Awards

The Summit Awards is a prestigious recognition program that celebrates exceptional customer service achievements in healthcare and in initiatives for improving:

    • The quality of service to patients/customers
    • The quality of work life for healthcare professionals
    • The performance of healthcare organizations

The Summit Awards are a North American-wide recognition program established and managed by the HealthCare Service Excellence Conference. All healthcare facilities who are participating in the Service Excellence Initiative™ are eligible to submit nominations.

The Summit Awards are presented annually at the HealthCare Service Excellence Conference during the closing Night of Excellence Banquet.

The top three to five nominees for each award will be announced prior to the conference and will be recognized at the conference as Pinnacle Achievers. One of the Pinnacle Achievers will be elevated to Summit status and will be presented with a plaque and certificate.

CATEGORIES:  Service Excellence Leadership, Individual, Team and Organization Awards

Y1no Year I Service Excellence Initiative™ Clients that have NOT completed internal Service Excellence Workshops  [Poster]
Y1yes Year I Service Excellence Initiative™ Clients that HAVE completed internal Service Excellence Workshops  [Poster]]
Y2 Year II+ Service Excellence Initiative™ Clients  [Poster]

CRITERIA: Criteria for each award is listed each nomination form. To see an overview of all criteria Click Here

Award Nomination Forms

Click on the links below to download the Nomination Form and save to your device for completion.

Service Excellence Leadership Awards

Elegible A   L-1  Service Excellence Advisor 1st Year  
Elegible B  L-2  Service Excellence Ambassador
Elegible A  L-3  SEA Coach
Elegible A  L-4  OASIS Team Captain
Elegible A  L-5  OASIS Super Coach
Elegible B  L-6  Exceptional Implementation Coordinator
Elegible C  L-7  Implementation Coordinator 1st Year

Individual Awards

Elegible D  I-8   Exceptional Employee – Clinical
Elegible D  I-9   Exceptional Employee – Non Clinical
Elegible D  I-10   Empowering Manager
Elegible D  I-11   Exceptional Nurse
Elegible D  I-12   Customer Focused Provider
Elegible D  I-13   Customer Focused Physician
Elegible D  I-14   Empowering CNO/DON
Elegible D  I-15   Motivating Administrator
Elegible D  I-16   Inspiring CEO/President

Team Awards

Elegible A  T-17   Service Excellence Advisor Team
Elegible A  T-18   OASIS Team
Elegible B  T-19   DO IT Improvement Project
Elegible A  T-20   Service Excellence Council
Elegible D  T-21   Outstanding Staffing Fix Transformation
Elegible D  T-22   Outstanding Swing Bed Transformation

Organization Awards

Elegible C  O-23   Outstanding 1st Year Service Excellence Initiative
Elegible B  O-24   Medical Clinic of Choice
Elegible B  O-25   Hospital Provider of Choice