Team Bragging Videos Awards

We had somme amazing videos submitted at our annual TBV Awards at the 2023 HealthCare Service Excellence Conference in Orlando, FL.
Thank you to all facilities who showed ttheir team spirit through these wonderful videos.

The criteria for the 2023 TBV Awards is here
    – Must represent your Organization & Service Excellence
    – No more than 3 minutes
    – Use of music is recommmended
    – Person: CEO
    – Action: Listening
    – Word: LEAP
    – Bonus: Mascot

The 2023 TBV Awards – First Place Video was awarded to:

Allen Parish Community Healthcare

TBV 1st AllenParish


The 2023 TBV Awards – Second Place Video was awarded to:

Pinckneyville Commmunity Hospital

TBV 2nd Pinckneyville


The 2023 TBV Awards – Third Place Video was awarded to:

Memorial Hospital (Carthage, IL)

TBV 3rd Memorial