2023 National Rural Honor Roll
Star Rating Awards at the HCSEC

Currently, the CMS Care Compare star recognition program requires a minimum of 100 annual inpatient discharges to qualify – and that excludes over 60% of Critical Access hospitals in the United States. This is not only because of a low number of qualifying inpatients, but also because it does not include swing beds which are a core service for rural, community hospitals. Currently, there is no other alternative recognition program for rural hospitals.

Time for year two! The National Rural Rating System continues to step up and establish credible criteria for a rating system for Rural, Critical Access, Emergency Departments and Clinics. The goal is to help hospitals achieve greatness, receive recognition for improvements in quality of care as well as celebrate the successes of hospitals meeting these high standards. With this recognition, rural hospitals will elevate and show respective local communities the quality of care they are providing and become local providers of choice.

This initiative is open and welcoming to any and all with certified survey vendor data.

This rating system will provide patients and visitors with valuable information on these hospitals and clinics similar to CMS. By using calculations from verified actual hospital data and published national benchmarks, NRRS will publish quarterly Star Ratings and an annual National Rural Honor Roll for all registered participants.

To see full details visit fivestarratings.org


Recipients of the National Rural Rating System
5 Star Award 


NRRS 5Star 1

Memorial Hospital, Carthage, IL

Madison County Health Care System

Pinckneyville Community Hospital

Union General Hospital

Memorial Hospital

Wabash General Hospital

Gibson Area Hospital & Health Services

Hopedale Medical Complex




Recipients of the National Rural Rating System
4 Star Award 


NRRS 4Star 1

NRRS 4Star 2

Illini Community Hospital

Allen Parish Community Healthcare

Kiowa County Memorial Hospital

Franklin General Hospital

Providence Medical Center

Osceola Regional Center

Ortonville Area Health Services

Rochelle Community Hospital

Sparta Community Hospital

Cibola General Hospital, Inc

Taylorville Memorial Hospital

OSF HealthcCare – St. Francis Hospital; & Medical Group

OSF HealthCare – St. Luke's Medical Group

Kirby Medical Center