2023 Star Rating Awards at the HCSEC

The absolute peak of achievement for distinguishing a hospital for patient experience is to be designated by CMS as 5 Star. We are so proud to honor the following 4 and 5 Star hospitals for their exceptional dedication and accomplishment:

CMS 5StarRating

Recipients of the 5 Star Award 

Memorial Hospital, Carthage, IL

CMS 5S Memorial


Rio Grande Hospital, Del Norte, CO

CMS 5S RioGrande

CMS 4StarRating

Recipients of the 4 Star Award 

Crawford Countty Community Hospital, Denison, IA

CMS 4S Crawford


Dickinson County Healthcare System (Marshfield) Iron Mountain, MI

CMS 4S Dickinson


Grady Memorial Hospital

CMS 4S Grady


Van Diest Medical Center, Webster City, IA

CMS 4S VanDiest


West Jefferson Medical Center, Marrero, LA

CMS 4S WestJefferson