2023 Founder's Awards
at the HealthCare Service Excellence Conference

The Founder’s Award is presented each year to the individual or organization who best exemplifies, through their actions and leadership, the principles of World Class Service Excellence.




Founder AdaBair Memorial

This year's recipient has profoundly championed high quality health care in rural communities for over 30 years.

She is widely known for being passionate about service and community-driven and has led many teams in their efforts to deliver creative sustainable, non-profit holistic healthcare.

She is a proven leader and dedicated healthcare professional focused on identifying and delivering innovative solutions that communities need.

The recipient of the 2023 Founder’s Award has held the position of CEO for over twenty years at Memorial Hospital & Hancock County Senior & Childcare Services in Carthage, IL – Ada Bair.

Ada is a life long learner;

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Miami University in Ohio
  • Master’s in Health Administration from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, and
  • Her Nursing Home Administration License

Her career has included:

  • Manager of Professional Relations
  • Vice President, Director of Practice Support and Medical Staff Development, and
  • Chief Operating Officer

Ada has distinguished herself by investing in her frontline by listening to what support services have to say about the functions and happenings within the organization and acting on those best recommendations.

She sends handwritten thank you notes to the employee’s families on yearly anniversaries, so they understand how important their loved one is to the Memorial Hospital Family.

Ada approaches her leadership truly as a servant leader and never leaves a room without asking “What can I do for you?” – and truly means it.

Her passion and compassion extend beyond the organization by volunteering many hours to organizations such as Legacy Theater and Kiwanis and creating a non-profit organization to address childhood hunger in their region.

She has a unique ability to mentor and inspire those around her, including her team and she also works with the Western Illinois University public health students.

Ada is the driving force behind the organization’s motto “It’s the Right Thing to Do”, and is passionate about providing the best care to patients.

She is a bridge builder with a genuine, warm, and compassionate personality, who constantly creates new opportunities for unique partnerships with fellow healthcare providers and community organizations.

When Memorial was presented with the 2023 Outstanding Rural Health Organization award – Ada immediately started planning a community celebration, acknowledging that this award did not belong to her, or the hospital, but to the entire community.

A team member described her this way:  “If you looked up Ada in the dictionary, it would say:  Tough, loyal, team player, confident!” and I would add a whole lot of fun.

On a personal note... you need to know this woman is demanding and after our first 3 day collaboration I had to stop at a physician’s office for a b-12 shot so I could make the long trip home. But what a joy to work with someone who truly knows how to get the best from you

We celebrate this year’s Founder’s Award Recipient, Ada Bair.